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Serving Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties

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Green Spirit Gardens is a landscape design company specializing in plants native to southeast Florida and the West Indies.  

Our goal is to transform sterile landscapes into multi-functional

and beautiful spaces, for people and local wildlife.  

Check out our landscaping services and general pricing here.


Our focus includes:

Bird and pollinator gardens

No-mow groundcover alternatives

Florida-friendly design principles

Landscapes that mimic southeast Florida's natural habitats

Permaculture & integrated pest management

Interior and exterior container gardens & potted plant arrangements

Email or text 786-402-1531 for an initial consultation

Why Sustainable Landscaping?

  • Enhances the conservation of South Florida's natural resources and biological diversity by providing shelter and food for local wildlife

  • Uses plants that are adapted to local conditions, resulting in long-term lower maintenance and costs, water and energy efficiency, and reduced fertilizer use

  • Enhances soil quality and reduces pests by using a "whole system" approach

  • Reduces flooding and stormwater runoff through the process of transpiration - critically important for the health of Biscayne Bay and other water systems

  • Reduces carbon emissions and noise from gas-powered equipment - have you ever tried to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in your backyard, only to be interrupted by the noise of lawn mowers and hedge trimmers in your neighborhood?

  • Reduces ambient temperature and adds curb appeal through the selective use of hurricane-resistant native trees

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