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Green Spirit Gardens specializes in plants native to southeast Florida and the West Indies.  

Our goal is to transform sterile landscapes into multi-functional and beautiful spaces, for people and local wildlife.  

Our focus includes:

Bird and pollinator gardens

No-mow groundcover alternatives & eco-swales

Florida-friendly design principles 

Naturalistic & tropical landscapes

Integrated pest management & organic horticultural care

Interior and exterior container gardens & potted plant arrangements

To inquire about an initial consultation, please email or text:

Why Native Plants?

Wild Coffee and Catbird banner Kim Heise.jpg

Enhance conservation of South Florida's biological diversity by providing shelter and food for local wildlife

Reduced stormwater runoff through the process of transpiration - critically important for the health of Biscayne Bay and other water systems

Long-term lower maintenance, water and energy efficiency, and reduced fertilizer use

Enhance soil quality and reduce pests by using a "whole system" approach

Reduced carbon emissions and noise from gas-powered equipment

Reduce ambient temperature and add curb appeal through the selective use of hurricane-resistant native trees

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